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Making Difference




During its 10 years, DCMC has been impacting thousands of lives in Central Tanzania – for the good, one step at a time.  The area’s needs are many, but DCMC is improving health care and benefiting communities in significant ways.

MA DCMCT Makes a Difference By……

Going to The People - DCMC not only serves patients at its facilities but brings health care programs and services to outlying poor, rural villages through its rural dispensaries and award-winning Community Health Outreach programs.

Caring for Women and Children - DCMC’s Community Health Outreach programs and Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Clinic strive to improve the health of women and children.  DCMC has:

  • Reduced maternal/child death rates
  • Implemented cervical cancer screening and fistula identification programs in rural areas
  • Increased voluntary HIV/AIDS testing and counseling among individuals and couples
  • Trained rural health care workers in emergency obstetrics care
  • Introduced Safe Motherhood initiatives
  • Created a birthing center in the RCH Clinic
Improving Health Care Services DCMC is becoming a catalyst for improved medical and dental care in Central Tanzania.  In the Dodoma region, DCMC has:

  • Made Western-style dental services and procedures available
  • Increased the availability and accessibility of outpatient and preventive services for adults and children
  • Provided health care services in clean, well-equipped, professionally staffed facilities
  • Treated patients with compassion, privacy and professionalism
Providing Jobs DCMC and Dodoma Innovation & Production Company (DIPC*) are large employers in Dodoma, where well-paying jobs with benefits are severely lacking.  DCMC provides:

  • 55 jobs at the medical center
  • Health and housing benefits for all full-time personnel
  • A commitment to sustainability that gives employees confidence in their future
* DIPC, a separate for-profit company created by a group of U.S.-based investors, has provided 25 full-time and up to 75 more temporary jobs at its brick making, water bottling, grape growing and construction companies.  (DIPC provides donated revenue to support the medical center.)

Educating Medical Professionals The Ruth Safemaster Flatt Scholarship fund provides advanced and basic skills training for DCMC medical personnel, and medical and dental professionals share additional knowledge and skills by volunteering in Tanzania.  DCMC also is developing a partnership with the University of Minnesota for medical education exchange.